Ermoupolis Mansion

Deluxe Twin

Our deluxe twin room, in powder & baby pink hues, is stamped by the presence of two, gorgeous single beds, inlaid with marquetry and purchased in a London antique store.

The room is showcased by a vintage, built-in, walnut root wardrobe which has been in the mansion since the latter’s construction. Its lovely doors, which have been conserved and restored, open with that characteristic groan of vintage furniture, ushering you into the past. Our deluxe twin room comes with a safe box for your valuables and a mini-bar for your refreshment.

The deluxe twin room is bathed in sunlight and has a large window overlooking the street. It features a fully equipped bathroom with a shower stall. It is the perfect solution for life partners who like to keep their autonomy while sleeping or a pair of friends who wish to share a room.